MythbustersHad a rough week on the work front so far, lots of work to do, lots of legacy shit to try and code through and lots of tight deadlines wrapping themselves around me like a Burmese python and squeezing hard – and not in a particularly sexy way at that.

Despite the fact that on Tuesday evening I stayed at work until well after 22:00, rush coding a site for a meeting that had been bumped up to 07:00 the next morning, despite the early start on Wednesday morning for the meeting with ACSA at the airport, despite the sheer fatigue felt once back at work, hunched over my keyboard, despite treating Chantelle to a supper out at Bertie’s Mooring just to get away from the soft glare of the unforgiving PC monitor and television screen… I still couldn’t tear myself away from the TV late Wednesday night!

The reason for this folly and decision not to jump into the warm snuggly bed next to my super sexy fianc