Andri JackSo after a brilliant fish braai with Robert, Monty and Cheryl on Friday night (Rob absolutely HAD to prepare the fish that he caught over the holiday), Saturday morning was an early up and go for Chantelle and I, with she and her mom off to see the make-up artist she’s keen on hiring for the wedding and me on a mission to find another pair of training pants and lay hands on Ryan’s birthday present.

And while success on the make-up artist and Ryan’s present front came easily enough, finding training shorts that are both big and comfortable enough at the same time is proving to be a bit of a tricky mission. However, if one looks at the multitude of shops that I did show my face at, my overall haul of clothing, comics and plastic ware for the morning sure makes up for the disappointment of the pants front! :)

From the shopping (which lasted from 09:00 to 11:00!) it was off to meet up with Chantelle at Wayne from Rhythm Divine’s place, and after a literally mad dash thanks to the failure of the credit card machine at my last stop, I found the place in the nick of time, seconds before the first tap from the annoyed and waiting Chantelle’s foot struck the tar.

The meeting with Wayne went particularly well (they’re the same lot that did Claire’s fantastic wedding by the way) and I am pleased to announce that it is one more thing that we can now tick off the wedding preparations list. Actually, come to think of it, we’re progressing through this list at rather breakneck speed… come April and we may already have pretty much everything in the bag! :)

Next on the agenda for the day was invite paper shopping and after discovering Durbanville’s High Street shopping plaza for the first time ever (I’ve never been there before, believe it or not!), we stopped in for a quick lunch at the Green Valley little eatery to refill our tanks and then it was back on the hunt for craft shops catering for our specific needs.

In the end, the only viable shop that we located turned out to be the fantastically cramped Paper Paradise in Tygervalley and after elbowing a host of other ladies also on the wedding hunt out of the way, we grabbed some sample books, thought through a few ideas and bought some items to whip up our test run.

Now by that stage it was 16:00 already and after having been on the run since 09:00 the morning already, a time-out was called and we headed back home to base camp at Fort Montgomery, resting up our aching feet, snoozing on the couch and then finally springing back into action just before 19:00 as it was time to once again join the race and head out to Andri and Malcolm’s place for our pre-arranged dinner date.

Wow, little Corban is growing up ridiculously fast, little tyke is now just short of his second birthday and already he can identify all makes of cars just by their badges – even going so far as to be able to identify Tata, much to his dad’s chagrin of course!

Andri for the evening had prepared a delicious pasta-based dish and after Corban had finished showing off and been rewarded by being put straight off to bed, we tucked in to our meal, drank our wine, caught up and chatted the night away, a conversation that included a LOT of wedding talk I might add!

Finally, by 22:30 or so, our cue to take our leave dawned at last and so we said our goodbyes, shuffled out the door and hit the long road back to Gordon’s Bay, where I can tell you our beds were more than just a little welcome sight for sore eyes!

Sjoe, talk about a busy but oh so productive Saturday eh? ;)