TortoiseSeeing as Friday and Saturday had been pretty much utilised to their fullest, Sunday it was decreed to be our day off, and more importantly, a day in which we spent some much needed alone time together.

So a plan was concocted, shopping was done, a little food preparation later, and off we went, looking forward to our very first picnic of 2009. Now the plan involved emulating Whammy and Louise’s recent fishing trip to the Lourensford dam, and carefully following the precise co-ordinates once again passed along by Mr. TomTom, we located our destination in almost no time at all.

However, and this turned out to be a big however, it turns out that the Lourensford fishing spot just so happens to be closed off from ALL non-members, meaning that the two of us got a big rubber stamp of DENIED and had to turn around and come up with a contingency plan on the spot.

Thankfully though, the sharp-eyed hunters that we are, we had earlier spotted a board proclaiming ‘Helderberg Nature Reserve’ on the way to the farm, and so with a shrug of the shoulders we began the laborious task of the following the signage until at last, as we crested the final hill, a new and wondrous sight welcomed us.

Up ahead, through your standard nature reserve entry booms, there lay a wide open, grassy lawn, littered with huge trees deploying acres of cool shade and protecting oodles of people and peoplinas from the harsh African sun.

Indeed, we had truly found our picnic Mecca.

Chicken mayo sarmies, Woolworths mini hamburgers, spanspek, watermelon, meatballs, melrose cheesies, cheescake and more, those are what make picnics an absolute ball!

Oh, and the after-chow lie-down of course! :)