Oh noes, could it really be? Has the infamous White Stig of Top Gear notoriety finally been unmasked? Well, apparently so.

According to Britain’s The Telegraph, The Stig accidentally managed to out himself when he asked a Bristol gallery to create a limited-edition print of him in action. The man who asked for the print? Well, he is none other than racer Ben Collins, a man who has previously raced in Formula Three, Le Mans GT and Nascar.

Another man who has jumped on the ‘I know The Stig’ bandwagon is builder Jason Goody who is claiming to have discovered the secret identity while doing work on the Collins’ home, where he allegedly came across the famous white suit and gloves on display in a cabinet.

Naturally Collins is denying this all, because quite frankly, IF he IS The Stig, then Top Gear would axe him on the spot. That’s how closely they guard the secret of the identity of their prized car tester and that is exactly how the previous Black Stig, stunt driver Perry McCarthy, lost his job when he outed himself in his own book.

And of course, Top Gear spokespeople are already commenting, “We never comment on speculation as to who or what The Stig is.”

The Stig Ben Collins