Blue DolphinSeeing as I’m now working out every morning before and after work, naturally I’m spending a far greater amount of time in the men’s change room than what I have ever done before.

Which leads me directly to the next observation which completely boggles my mind: what’s up with the rather effeminate blue dolphin tattoo that a few of the guys sport? (There are at least two regulars with the same tattoo: one has it on his shoulder and the other just above his bum. They don’t look like twins and they don’t look like they are a couple just by the way).

I just don’t get. Sure you have to usual array of tribal and more hardcore tats being sported around, but the blue dolphin? It just looks girly for goodness sake!!

With no leg to stand on, I’m going to assume that these individuals got the tattoos inked on one of those drunken nights out where you and a couple of the lads have had way too much to drink, end up stumbling around town and then end up in a tattoo parlour on a dare – with the result that you wake up the next morning with a major headache, little to no recollection and sporting a rather unwanted… creation. (You might be able to tell from this tone that I’m not a particularly big lover of tattoos…)

But assuming that I’m in fact wrong, can anyone out there perhaps explain this mystery of the blue dolphin to me? Surely it must mean something, like perhaps you like to poo standing up?

Seriously, throw me a bone here someone…