South African PassportJust in case you were wondering, wedding preparations are still proceeding like a unstoppable steam engine. Lots of things have been organised and booked since I last posted an update, and sometime soon I will once again indulge you in all the boring details I’m sure.

Now one of the other things that we have started to investigate is the honeymoon option and while a lot of great ideas have been bandied about so far, one of the things that came up was the fact that I am currently not in the possession of a valid South African passport – something that needs to be rectified sooner than later should we opt to leave South Africa’s sunny shores for our short little getaway at the end of the year.

So onto the Cape Gateway website I jumped, and proceeded to get the low-down on just exactly what the process in acquiring a passport is (truly a useful source of information for all things government-related I tell you!)

First off, I must complement the Department of Home Affairs branch here in Somerset West for actually being open on a Saturday – will wonders never cease I ask? ;)

But then I need to immediately follow that up with a big red cross and ask just why the hell is the building that they are operating out from not marked – at all!?! The Old Magistrates building certainly seems a fitting spot for them, but surely, surely government can spare just that little bit of cash to put some decent signage up? Actually that was the one thing that irked me about the whole process. Everything about the setup was temporary and shoddy. I kind of feel that your government institutions are meant to be stylish, efficient, elegant and come across as well-oiled machines, not something that looks straight out of a refugee camp!

That said, the process in applying for the passport was actually pretty smooth and seeing as I had already pre-filled in my application form off the web, all that was required was a quick wait in the queue, some fingerprints (I honestly don’t know how anyone is going to read that fingerprint impression though!) and hand over my cash (which at R176 feels a little steep in my opinion), before receiving my receipt and being bid on my happy way, safe in the knowledge that in a couple of weeks’ time, I will be the proud owner of a nice and shiny passport booklet.

Oh the excitement I tell you! ;)