AchillesNot sexy: the fact that one of my garden chairs has been stolen from behind my sliding door. Sexy: hairy arms.

Or at least that is what Chantelle keeps telling me. However, as sceptical about that fact as I might be, it has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the most unlikely of sources…


Yes, my little super playful hairy ball of fun has now gone the extra mile (unfortunately) and proved to me that hairy arms are indeed sexy. VERY sexy as it turns out.

Achilles is a player, biting, nipping, rolling around. He jump attacks your feet, he jump attacks your hands, heck, he is so playful that one literally has to sleep with ‘all hands on deck’ because should you leave a dangling digit over the side of the bed, you can be sure to wake up with a yelp of pain and a small kitten attached to your arm.

So there I was, happily typing away at some blog posts when Achilles decided to join me up on the desk and mercilessly begin attacking the moving mouse-hand combination. Biting, gnawing, gnibbling (cool word eh?), the little man kept straddling my arm while attacking my fingers and top of my hand while I desperately tried to fend the little bugger off because I wanted to finish up what I was typing.

Eventually tired out (I assumed), he switched from the biting to licking (something not uncommon for him), all the while still straddling my arm. Fairly peculiar but nothing out of the ordinary until I realised that he kept trying to reposition himself on my arm, slipping off the sides and then trying to paw himself back into position with his hind legs.

Assuming that he was ready to play again, I flipped him on his back and then recoiled in horror as his little, bright pink penis stared happily back at me in plain view. The little bugger had been trying to hump my arm!!

Oh, the humiliation. I feel so exploited now…