Cattle Baron Grill HouseI didn’t know that Cattle Baron has two franchises! The standard Cattle Baron Steak Ranches and then the more upmarket Cattle Baron Grill House, which incidentally was where we found ourselves at on Tuesday evening in celebration of Ryan’s 26th birthday.

The one that he had picked out is situated in Tyger Waterfront, there just below Tygervalley and surprisingly enough, Chantelle and I found the place more or less on our first try and essentially pretty much on time too! (Only a few minutes late thanks to robots and a slight wrong turn). Thankfully though, we weren’t the last to arrive and Claire and Riley managed to pitch up a good half an hour or so later than us, so for a change we were looking rather good! ;)

Ryan was impressed by his gift from us (JLA: League of One graphic novel and Samurai Warriors 2 for the XBOX) and after a quick reshuffling of the seating arrangement, we soon had Chantelle and mom yapping away regarding wedding arrangements and us men about couches and the weekend’s sporting lineup. A strange combination, I know.

Eventually Claire and Riley arrived, and we all eagerly put in our orders, with Chantelle going for her tried and tested Cattle Baron brandy-soaked and then burnt off steak (the name of which escapes me as per usual) and me the grill house burger thingie with a cheese sauce (surprisingly enough, I again didn’t feel lus for a piece of steak. Seem to really have gone off red meat at the moment!).

Anyway, our food eventually arrived, we embarrassed Ryan with a spot of impromptu birthday singing and then tucked in, with all those eating steak enjoying the most succulent and delicious of meals possible. I on the other hand had to deal with the unfortunate truth that when at a steakhouse, you really should order a steak, just like when you’re at a seafood restaurant you order fish. It’s just what they do best.

My burger was as dry as the Gobi desert and no matter how much sauces and what not I plunked it in, it still felt like I was eating an old shoe. (I had a bit of mom’s chicken schnitzel as well, and also thought it to be WAY too dry! Old tekkie kind of tough and dry if you know what I mean!)

But that aside, the restaurant has a real schwarmy feel to it, elegant and sophisticated in decor and design and some top class waiters and waitresses looking after your every need. Impressive and a good place to take your loved one out to if you are celebrating an anniversary or proposing or something along those lines.

A nice touch however was that after we had finished eating, the waitress, who had obviously heard our earlier rendition of ‘happy birthday’, rocked up at our table bearing sparklers in ice cream for the birthday boy and with gusto we once again launched into our raucous happy birthday rendition, much to Ryan’s renewed complete and utter embarrassment of course! ;)

We didn’t stay for dessert though, that was already taken care of thanks to mom having baked some peppermint tart especially for the occasion, so back to the Lotter Clan Stronghold it was for some coffee and cake, eagerly devoured and digested of course! :P

And that was it. Back home for the two of us, Chantelle straight to her warm and inviting bed while I sidled in behind the computer and got to grips with finishing up the Commerce I.T. work for the day.


More bed time would have been nice, I won’t lie! (which would explain why I skipped gym the next morning and sat in traffic instead. Not the greatest of choices, believe me!)