CottontailNot much to report back on this weekend, due large in part to the fact that I spent the whole weekend in Tokai working, trying to play catch up for all my project deadlines that I’ve been saddled with. And with Chantelle working the weekend as well, the only joint thing the two of us got up to was an outdoor sunset supper at the Spur on Saturday evening (Our first choice Talla’s was already full!).

The one bit of relaxation that I did however get around to was one of our full blown ‘FIFA at Karl’s’ meet-ups with Terrance, Ryan and Karl, thanks to Patricia being lured away for the night by her Dungeons & Dragons playing friends.

Having once again settling on an ‘around 7ish’ time for the gathering, we eventually all rocked up there at Karl’s place in Terrance’s bright red little golf, piling out with chips and drink in hand and heading straight off to the flat to meet up with the Storbeck’s newest family member, Cottontail.

Now Cottontail (or Nipples as I call her) is a rescued female kitty cat that Pat and Karl have taken in, and boy is this little pug-faced bundle of fur the cutest and most beautiful little thing that you will ever see! A beautiful soft coat of intertwining greys and blacks (like the cat on the Whiskas cat food packaging), Cottontail has been graced with her name thanks to the abundance of fur sprouting from her feet and between her toes, leading to one of the cutest rabbit-like cats around!

Anyway, despite all the attention she was grabbing from all around (including Terrance surprisingly enough!), we did actually get around to setting up the PS2 and starting FIFA up, with us reverting back to the teams used in our last meet-up, that being Karl and Ryan versus Terrance and myself.

Much to Ryan’s chagrin though, Karl’s boasted plan of putting Terrance and myself off with Cottontail’s assistance, the plan seemed to have backfired because Karl’s gameplay just simply wasn’t up to scratch as Terrance and I proceeded to blast them out of the water for the first couple of games. We then switched to Ryan and myself versus Terrance and Karl, and again my team took honours, leading to the instant swelling of my head and cries of ‘for I am the champion’ to ring about the room.

However, they were quickly squashed when Ryan and Terrance sidled me with Karl, causing me to suffer my first defeat for the night and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Karl was indeed the weak point for the evening.

Heck, even Cottontail tried to save her master from embarrassment by knocking out the power cables just before another crushing defeat was about to befall his team!

Still, the games weren’t all run away victories and there were some pretty tight games, and on a whole, a lot of particularly great goals were scored left, right and centre. And to make things even more impressive, it would seem that I have at last taught all the boys how to properly take penalties in the game – a welcome addition to our gameplay because it was getting ridiculous just standing still in order to stop all their attempts on goal in the penalty shoot outs! :P

Ah, in then end it was a brilliant (and extremely long!) evening of gaming, inane banter, loads of chips and drink, so thanks guys, let’s definitely do it again sometime! :)