Karate KickOh boy, I’m as pleased as punch at the moment (a bad pun, I know!). Guess what I’m doing in a couple of hours’ time?

No idea?

Well, here’s the answer then: I’ll be training at 40 Ryger Street, home of the Gordon’s Bay branch of Funakoshi Karate South Africa. Finally my search for a local dojo has hit pay dirt and after chatting with the instructor Sensei Birgitt Smit on the phone this morning, I’ve decided to show my face there this evening and see if I like what they offer.

A nice thing about this particular dojo is that it offers classes specifically divided along age lines, meaning that Mondays and Wednesdays at 18:30 it is adult training time, a division that I’ve sorely missed in my other dojo days. Apparently she has about 15 adults currently training with her which is a nice enough number for providing you with plenty of personal attention but at the same time isn’t a number where you feel like you’re the only one bothering to pitch up for training.

Now in terms of the Funakoshi style, I really don’t have much background information or knowledge about it, so I’m quite interested to see what differences it holds from the Kyokushin style that I’m already so familiar with. Slotting in on the technique side shouldn’t be a problem I’d imagine, but I’ll admit to being just that little bit nervous surrounding my current (lack of) fitness level. Oh well, guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Pity about my old dogi though – going to have to start out in a tracksuit pants and t-shirt then…

Should be fun, can’t wait, super pumped. Osu! :)