Yes ManOne word can change everything.

Seriously though, it is true. If you have a positive outlook on life, chances are you are probably enjoying said life right now. Flip it around, and with a negative outlook you’ve got to be pretty depressed as all hell.

And this is where Jim Carrey’s latest feel good romp comes in, with ‘Yes Man’ taking a comedic look at a man who was stuck in a rut, take on the challenge of simply saying ‘yes’ to everything and then seeing where it will take him from there.

The movie is a 2008 release and is directed by Peyton Reed, the same man who sits in the director’s chair for the ‘Cashmere Mafia’ series that is making its rounds on our TV circuit at the moment. It stars Jim Carrey in the titular role and features Zooey Deschanel as the main supporting lead.

The story for the movie is pretty simple, nothing too convoluted, and it serves as a nice vehicle to take us through to a rather predictable but feel good ending. Essentially a (romantic) comedy movie by the book, there is still enough completely unexpected and rather way out humour (just think Mrs. Tillie and her ‘offer of release’!) to make it worth the watch and by the end of it you can be pretty sure that you would have smiled, laughed, cringed just that little and perhaps even shed a little tear of joy or two.

Jim Carrey is fantastic as always, and even though he still makes the same old, stupid faces, he pulls off the funny bits with his usual comedic sense of timing while at the same time capturing the dramatic and romantic tones with just as much ease. He might not be doing anything new, but damn, he still remains a master of his craft.

The fresh-faced Zooey Deschanel on the other hand puts in an ultra cute and enjoyable little performance as Carrey’s eventual love interest and she captures her role with an easy and likeable hand that lends itself to the audience really emphasizing and enjoying her quirky, vulnerable but absolutely adorable character.

Yes Man is a polished package with a tasty soundtrack, good editing, competent acting and an enjoyable (but predictable) script, with the finished movie coming across genuine, heartfelt and simply put, a movie to just sit back to and enjoy.

Oh, and did I mention it was funny?

Seriously, you will laugh. A lot.

Yes Man1

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