Stone Throw SignBloody hell, I was fucking pissed off the other day coming home for work. There were a fair number of cars travelling along Baden Powell, but the speed was still good and we were all doing well between 80 and 100 km/h. However, just as we passed through one of the slightly more built up, low-income areas, what should I see alongside us, but this little turd of a boy, probably around Grade 10 or so, casually picking up a rather largish stone and just like that, sidearm it over the fence and into the road at us.

I turned out to the right to avoid it and luckily for the guy in front of me, the rock merely hit his back wheel and bounced harmlessly off it. Nevertheless, I started cursing this little shit left, right and centre and if it wasn’t for the fact that he was on top of an embankment behind a wire fence, I would have stopped my bloody car and given him such a beating that he wouldn’t have been able to sit down for weeks!

I mean what the fuck?!?

Has this idiot got no sense at all? This malicious little prick could have caused some serious damage or worse, hurt somebody. And I don’t give a shit if he is just looking for attention or got some other ‘psychological baggage to deal with. Which brings me to my point of this rather angry post – naughty children need to get bloody hidings again, finish and klaar! A good bliksemming or two and discipline will once more be restored in this anarchy that our youth of today find themselves in!