Soccer HeadbuttI know we played last week, but an opportunity is an opportunity and with Trish out playing Dungeons and Dragons with her friends and Chantelle out viewing Beauty and the Beast with Claire and my folks, we boys simply HAD to slot another FIFA gaming session in! Honestly, how can you blame us? :P

Same as last time, I left straight after work for Bellville (though as the custom has been this last week, late again), and once there I joined up with Mom, Pops and Ryan for some delicious saucy ribs for supper. From there it was off to pick up Mr. Brown (who brought both his quota of chips and drink for a change!) and off we buggered to Dr. Storbeck’s abode, who once again was just that little ‘too eager’ to let us in.

Cottontail was once again out to wow us with her cuteness, particularly through the use of props like her wind-up mouse that seemed to endless entertain Ryan for the next couple of hours. She also tried to actively help her master, not by pulling out the power like last time, but instead by walking out in front of the TV and purposefully blocking the view. Needless to say, she was swiftly moved and then proceeded to spend most of the evening sprawled out on her back, tucked behind my head on the sofa (I was sitting on the floor for maximum concentration’s sake).

Oh, but what concentration’s sake I tell you! In terms of the FIFA games itself, the four of us managed to get through 10 games, with me walking away with 7 wins, 2 draws and just a single loss to sully my name. Even more impressive was that the majority of those wins actually came from playing with Karl, with him winning the most amount of games in an evening than what he has ever won before! :P

Terrance pulled into third spot, but Ryan… Ryan I’m afraid languished firmly in last place. Heck, even teaming up with me wasn’t good enough to grant him a win! ;)

As per usual the chips weren’t enough, the cooldrink was too much and everyone enjoyed a thoroughly entertaining evening, though there were a few worries when the TV suddenly started to act up and we needed to do a hard reboot to get it right again!

And then just to top things off for the evening, I proceeded to get Ryan and Terrance slightly loss as we departed from Karl’s flat, thanks to my insistence on taking a different route home for a change. It would seem that my directions memory really just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! (Which really isn’t all that much in the first place mind you!)