Marilyn MonroeNuts. So on top of our couches returning to their rightful owner, Saturday evening saw the return of the ultra cool Marilyn Monroe print overhanging our bed as well. Shame, Andy has been missing her painting for so long now, and finally the opportunity to sneak it it to her place without Albert learning of the plan fell into place.

I just wish I was there to see Albert’s face when he spotted it for the first time staring at them from across the bed! :)

Saturday of course was the big birthday celebration for Andi, who opted to hold a joint celebration with Willem, one of Albert’s old pals. Unfortunately Saturday also happened to be the day that Rory was holding his birthday bash out in Tokai, but in the end we decided to rather attend Andi’s, and so it was Stellenbosch over Tokai for a change.

As per usual, there was no start time for Andi and Albert’s do, but a bit of a snag delayed us quite a bit when, thanks to the guesthouse being particularly busy, Chantelle could only finish up work around 19:30! This of course meant that we only rocked up at their place just before 21:00 (thanks Mr TomTom for finding the place first time around!) and by that stage the guests were all well and truly lubricated, partly due to the drink, partly due to the sporadic rain, and mostly due to the sweat brought on by what was quite the muggy evening in the Western Cape! :)

The menu was primarily made up by the half lamb that Albert and his pals were doing on the fire, and after quite a lengthy wait the meat was eventually liberated from the coals and placed before the hungry horde of friends. Naturally Andi’s three dogs were fighting to be part of the action as well, and we all soon discovered just how much of a dangerous weapon cute Husky eyes really can be!

Dessert followed soon on, and Albert surprisingly churned out two very more than decent tasting cakes, something that he apparently does on quite the regular basis seeing as Andi won’t be caught dead in the kitchen! ;) (For record’s sake, the Super Hero cake was for the boys, and the Barbie Girl cake for the girls! Needless to say, there were also quite a few ‘koek’ jokes floating around!)

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening out, something both Chantelle and I needed (despite the fact that Chantelle was so tired that she even managed to doze off once during the night’s proceedings!), but I have to admit – our bedroom wall is looking pretty bare now!

Marilyn, wherefore art thou, Marilyn!! :P