Sexy Office Girl Working HardAh man, can’t believe the news I learnt last week. So anyone who follows this blog on a regular basis will know that I’m currently working my arse off, trying to finish up on two projects for Touchwork and then at the same time fulfilling my Commerce I.T. obligations after hours back at home.

And while the extra little income from Commerce I.T. is nice, I won’t lie, the workload is killing me. There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day behind the monitor, only to shift out the office chair and start work all over again. Thankfully it’s not a huge amount of work, but it is there nevertheless.

Anyway, the idea behind this was simply to help Commerce I.T. until they can find a replacement for my old position, something I assumed they would have moved on quite quickly, especially considering the fairly lengthy period of notice that I had given them in the first place.

And while I know Kyle is eager to fill the position as soon as possible, it would seem that the rest of the Human Resources Department at UCT isn’t quite so keen. Speaking with Kyle during the week over some server mishaps we were experiencing (thanks ICTS for somehow screwing up the DNS entries!), I learned to my absolute horror that the selection committee was due to sit their FIRST meeting for 2009 only last week!

What the hell?

By this stage adverts, selection and training should long have been handled and written off. Bugger. So it looks like I may just end up finishing my ‘six month temporary contract’ with the ‘varsity after all! :(