White T ShirtAh damn it. So I need some more plain white tees right? You know, to train with at karate until I can purchase a new dogi (because duh, my old one doesn’t fit any more! :P), ‘kay?

So anyway, on my big spend out at the mall’s Pick ‘n Pay this weekend I trundled past the clothes section and couldn’t believe my absolute luck when at last I found another pair of gym shorts to match the singular (and in desperate need of replacement) pair that I currently so flagrantly abuse. Plucking it down from in between all the other pants (it was literally the last one, and only available because it had been long since last amongst all the other hanging clothes), I also spied on the display table next to me a big range of Pick ‘n Pay’s Real t-shirts, oh so plain and in other words oh so perfect… considering that almost all my existing t-shirts come from there and Mr. Price anyway! :)

So without looking to closely, I grabbed two XL white shirts off the pile, tossed it on the trolley and then eventually made my way home. Which is of course exactly where I discovered that my two white ‘t-shirts’ were in fact not t-shirts at all!

No sir, these two plain white long-sleeved tops are just going to have to serve me in winter then! :(

And just for the record, this isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this neither! You really would think that one learns from their mistakes, wouldn’t you?

Update: I was of course, suitably mortified when Chantelle informed me that I had indeed, purchased the wrong size pants after all. Doh!