Sexy Girl on TreadmillOoh boy, I nearly copied Ryan’s epic fail at the gym the other day!

Happily jogging along on the treadmill as I do almost every day of the week now, my usual 20 minute session passed by fairly quickly and drenched in sweat and breathing like a race horse after the J&B met, the timer hit 20 and the treadmill started quickly decelerating for the standard cool down period.

So, so far so good, but what I didn’t expect was the treadmill to all of a sudden just die on me, instantly shuddering to a halt and leaving me and my forward momentum with not a whole lot of place to go to. Thankfully I managed to catch my balance and stop myself with my arms because otherwise, ouch… face splat city.

I’m sure that all the people waiting for the treadmills (the gym was busy) were a bit disappointed in missing out on some good entertainment though! :D