Girl Dripping With SweatOh wow, not counting this morning in (I haven’t gotten around to going to gym just quite yet!), it has now been 12 straight days of gym and exercise in general! Talk about dedication! :)

Every morning now starts off with my customary 20 minute jog on the treadmill and then the good old follow-up shower, Monday and Wednesday evenings are characterised by hard 1 hour long karate sessions and then on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (if I’m not working late which is now all too often if you ask me) it is back to the gym for another treadmill session after work.

At the moment I’m shying away from the weights for a bit, instead concentrating on my cardiovascular and getting my fitness level back into an acceptable range. So far so good, I can definitely feel some improvement in general with regards to my energy levels and it looks like this is the way to go for now it would seem.

You may be wondering why it is though that all my running seems to be taking place on the treadmill and not on the road (which is obviously the superior option), and of course the answer to that question is pretty simple: the treadmill is FAR softer on the knees than what the road is.

And seeing as my knees are exactly what caused me to reach my current state of inactivity in the first place, I need to be pretty careful around the little blighters. I mean, they’re not in a happy place right now, well they are still in my legs of course, but they’re not always all that happy about it!

So I’m feeling pretty good at the moment and if this pace can keep up, then I should be well on my way to looking good in a tuxedo again come November and the big day of course. Oh, and if you are worried that I may ‘burn out’ if I keep on like this, like I told Chantelle: at the moment I’ve got tons of extra ‘stored energy’ to work off! :P