Pink MP3 PlayerAwesome, just found out that my entry into Nerdmag’s ‘Win a Pink MP3 Player’ has been pulled out the top of the hat, making me the grand prize winner, and leaving a broadly smiling Chantelle behind me because she knows that I’ll be gifting this prize straight through to her! Lucky girl! ;)

And the competition? Well, all they wanted for entry in this Wellington’s day competition was a simple comment featuring one’s very own Saffa one-liner pick-up line.

{“Saffa”, for those of you don’t know, is the shortened word for South Africa, created for South Africans, by South Africans (in the UK)}

And the entry? Well my heart-gushingly, sickly sweet like a bottle of mampoer winning line was:

*drum roll please*

“My hart brand om daardie soet wyn van you siel to besmaak…”

*smooch* *smooch* *smooch* *smooch* ….

Romantic, I know :P