YoghurtYou know, what’s the point of making an effort to pack last night’s leftovers into a small tupperware bowl for supper tonight (because you have to stay in late at work again), bolster it with a fresh little tub of chocolate chip yoghurt and then pack everything neatly into a plastic shopping bag, ready for pick-up in the morning if your little kitten named Achilles is only going to pounce the packet, happily bounce around on top of it and then push it all around the kitchen floor?

Needless to say, retrieving packet out of boot and discovering yoghurt oozing out all over the place (thanks to twin, neat little claw shaped puncture marks in the lid) is not the ideal way to start one’s morning! :)

Apologies babes if you raise one eyebrow after reading this, thinking, just what the hell is he going on about now? This story happened last Thursday when I was as per usual, fretting over a deadline in the middle of the night, still sitting at my work desk where I’d been the whole day already!