Running ShoesHmm, all this running may not have been all that good for me in the end. Sure my body is feeling pretty good right about now, but my poor, aged gym tekkies are now looking rather worse for wear.

I’ve had this loyal pair of shoes for quite a bit now, and they’ve literally gone just about everywhere with me (except for perhaps on my bed as Chantelle would strongly disapprove). Their once gleaming white skins, now a tarnished and dull grey, their laces all a tatter and worst of all, their newly installed sunlight features just seems wholly of out of place.

Seeing my own toes smiling back at me as I trudge along the treadmill just isn’t as fun as what it sounds like, trust me.

So now off I must go, go disembowel my wallet, find a new pair of friends and live happily ever after. It’s a tough decision to make my old pals, so please don’t hate me for it as I toss you into the maggot-filled bins over there…