Wedding Gifts Ahoy! My Life 18 FEB 2009

Wrapped GiftOh, did I mention Chantelle and I have already received our first wedding gift? Shame, it was so sweet, Louise’s sister and her husband stayed over at the guesthouse a little while ago, and when the time to depart finally arrived, she called Chantelle over, thanked her for looking after them so wonderfully and promptly gave Chantelle a little something in order to treat me with and in the same breath handed over an exquisitely wrapped gift which later revealed itself to be containing two beautiful, fluffy white bath towels.

Oh so unnecessary of them, but oh so appreciated!

Which then moves me onto a new topic. What exactly are we going to do about our wedding registry? In most cases it is pretty easy because the registry contains all the essentials that a newly married couple require to start out in their new life together. For Chantelle and myself however, well we’ve been living together for quite some time already, and obviously are pretty much settled in with all the basic essentials well and truly covered.

We could always write on the invites that money would be appreciated, but to me that always feels so tacky and really doesn’t carry any sentimental value with it. It’s pretty difficult to keep a wad of cash in the cupboard for two years and then point at it, smile and say, “oh, Gary and Michelle gave that to us for our wedding”.

Of course, we could just chuck out our existing stuff and start from scratch with new stuff, or I guess we can simply ‘upgrade’ to bigger and better things? Or does it mean that we can put luxury items on the registry in the hopes that friends and family will club together and purchase something that one simply wouldn’t be able to purchase if left to one’s own devices?

Ponder, ponder, ponder. Clearly I have nothing important to do today it would seem… (apart from the oodles of work piled up on my desk of course!)

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