Snoopy and WoodstockMeh, you can tell I’m busy if I only get around to putting up the ‘weekend review’ post today! Work has been absolute hectic over the last while (as I keep saying here in these pages), and doesn’t look keen on letting up for the foreseeable future. Oh well, here goes…

So originally we had quite the nice weekend planned out for last weekend, stuffing it as full with juicy morsels as what we properly could, only to have it all dashed when during the course of last week one of Louise’s extended family members passed away thanks to a rather unfortunate heart attack, meaning of course that she and Whammy needed to fly up for the weekend, leaving Chantelle behind to look after guesthouse.

And in hindsight, this was probably for the best (work-wise) because it meant I could once again use up all my spare time rushing like mad to make progress on work that really should have been planned out better in the first place. Two deadlines for this Monday past, another for this Friday and then a BIG one for the last day of this month. Wonderful.

However not all was lost thank goodness. Yes we lost out on viewing the wedding decoration ability of the person we want to hire for our wedding, yes we missed out on our own little indulgent visit to the Planetarium and lunch in the Company Gardens, yes we missed out on supper at Primi in Blaauwberg (the locale where I first scared the shit out of C by telling her how much I love her), yes we missed out on a breakfast out and about with Miguel and Retha and yes we missed out on a braai with the combined Montgomery and Lotter clans, but amazingly enough, we still managed to pack in visits with at least three different groups of people, so that’s not half bad at all! (It is however quite the pity that the weekend left both of us as sleep deprived as it did!)

Friday night was the only evening not to impacted upon by the sudden asteroid strike that took out all of our original plans, meaning that a little bit later than the scheduled meet up time (as per usual), Mr Tom Tom was merrily leading Chantelle through to Damen and Michelle’s borrowed pad in Kenridge while I snored heftily alongside her.

There I encountered a decidedly unmanly group, with Damen being the only one with balls currently present, and we quickly fell into step, taking in the new car and devouring all the delicious snackies that everyone had laid out on the lounge table. It was good to see Patricia, Candice, Angela, Michelle and Damen again, people we we really haven’t seen in quite some time. Obviously a focal point for the meet up was Damen and Michelle’s return from their year long adventure in England and so we were regaled with stories of scary bus stop women and seemingly rabbit-like multiplication of room mates. As the evening progressed, a haggard ‘just returned from work’ Wayne and a peppy ‘just returned from a bachelor’s party’ Karl-Heinz joined in at last and the inane banter kept up quite the good pace, highlighting the fact that this year of isolated training must have been effective for Michelle because she stayed up way, way later than what we’ve usually come to expect from her in the past! :)

Fair is fair and so when we all finally bid our farewells and stormed out the Oosthuiszen Temporary Abode, I took over the reins and off we jetted back to Gordon’s Bay to hasten the arrival of Saturday morning and hopefully, just hopefully, one or two little valentine’s surprise pressies in the process…

…which of course made it all that more brilliant to wake up to a beautifully crafted little heart-shaped tin filled with Woolworth’s Chuckles! Funnily enough, Chantelle had been the only one to like the look of this pressie, and she too eagerly unwrapped to discover the same said tin of choccies, plus some adorably cute sleepwear for her to enjoy in her own spare time.

And then it was off to work for the both of us, she at the guesthouse and I stuck behind my desk hitting away at the keyboard on the computer that I had ‘liberated’ from Touchwork’s offices just before leaving on Friday evening. (Damn it, can’t keep driving through to Tokai on the weekends now can I!? :P)

The day passed by far too quickly considering the amount of work still left by the end of the day, with things not being helped by the panicky phone calls from the States regarding the conference that was in the process of opening and for which my one project is being utilised for. However work could finally be put aside as the doorbell rang and Dean and Zania announced their arrival in Gordon’s Bay.

Putting out the last of the little work fires, I then shepherded them to the guesthouse where after seeing off the last of the guests on their own romantic evenings out and about, Chantelle joined us and off we went to find a place to sit down and chow. Needless to say good old Spur wasn’t going to let us down, and on entry we were pleasantly surprised to discover all the waiters and waitresses dressed up from head to toe and even with a makeshift DJ banging out the tunes from his giant car boot radio system that he must have ripped out from somewhere!

We haven’t gone out with Dean and Zania in ages (in fact the last time we saw them was in Witsand with that horrible sunburn incident) so it was awesome to catch up on all the news and enjoy some decent food together!

We returned to the guesthouse where we proceeded to round off the evening’s events with Zania’s fabulous home-baked lemon meringue tart and after a bit more chatting and admiring Whammy’s new remote-controlled aeroplane, we ushered them off back home, had a quick chat with Miguel and Retha who had just arrived at the lodge and then hastened back upstairs for a well-deserved, good night’s rest.

Sunday morning started as all mornings at the guesthouse do, Chantelle was out and about preparing breakfast for the guests and I had sneaked off home to put in some much needed Touchwork work before breakfast with Miguel and Retha was to commence. Time passed quickly and I was soon back at the lodge where the four of us sat down and enjoyed a thoroughly delicious breakfast and caught up on all the news from yet another pairing which we simply haven’t seen in absolute ages!

Like all other people with real lives, Retha and Miguel eventually left, off to enjoy the fabulous weather while I went straight back to the man room and got stuck in, spending the rest of the Sunday furiously banging away at the keyboard. Nice <- sarcastic just in case you missed it. Worked until after 01:00, something I'm just SO not used to any more!

Not exactly the best of ways to be spending one’s Valentine’s Weekend let me tell you!