Okay, so by now everyone that reads this knows that I am currently working far harder than what I’ve worked in absolute years. Obviously this means far less free time available to me, and obviously this means far less fanboy stuff, something that has always been at the core being of the being known as me for as long as I can remember.

However, rejoice, because the fanboy within is still going strong, I’m pleased to report. Sheer tickles of giddiness at the viewing of the Watchmen trailer at the cinema this weekend, sheer pleasure in the indulgence of the credit card purchase, yes, the geeky me is still well and truly alive, stockpiling my treasures until the day I can once more partake in these guilty, sensual pleasures.

For my reading edification, I stumbled across a trove of good material at the book store in Riverside Mall, walking away with a treasure trove of Crossgen Edge and Forge graphic novels, as well as ‘Dead Enders: Stealing the Sun’ from the DC Vertigo stable. In additional to these graphic wonders, I also stumbled across collected editions from the British-based Warhammer Presents black and white anthologies, namely ‘Tales from the Ten-Tailed Cat’ and ‘Deff Skwadron’. And that’s not all believe it or not.

Pushing aside the recent slew of 2000AD mags I picked up from a seemingly hapless Paperweight, I also got my grubby little mitts on the wicked European-origin ‘The Third Testament’, published locally here by our very own Pepic & Kraus.

On the moving visuals front, I’m busy happily downloading the second season of ‘Birdy the Mighty Decode’ which has now finally come out, a series whose first season I absolutely adored.

And the last but not least, on the gaming front I finally, finally got my paws on Justice League Heroes from Snowblind Studios (the guys behind the Champions series), and after a brief test-out on Sunday evening, I can’t wait to sink my teeth well and proper into.

So there you have it. The perfect stockpile awaiting the fanboy within – now if only I could get through all this work!! :)

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Graphic Haul2