Bride WarsBride Wars. It’s predictable. It’s fluffy. And funnily enough, it actually is a fair bit of fun – if you don’t expect too much out of it that is.

Directed by Gary Winick (whose only other mentionable director role happens to be 2006’s kids movie, Charlotte’s Web) and starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as the leads, Bride Wars takes a humorous look at the ‘what if’ situation of two childhood, best of friends who both share the same idea of a dream wedding, who both get proposed to shortly after one another, and who unfortunately both get scheduled in for their weddings to be on the same day… in exactly the same venue.

Cue the cat fights, cue the pranks, cue the just plain silliness of best friends now the worst of enemies – with everyone else simply caught in between. Most of the film involves Kate and Anne simply trying to derail the other, with the obvious escalation in seriousness of pranks (the majority of which unfortunately could already be viewed in the theatrical trailer). At the same time there is a bit of delving and exploring of their relationships and friendship as the movie steams along, but then it is right back into the action until we finish off with a polished, and particularly predictable I might add, Hollywood finish that leaves everyone happy and you, the viewer, mildly entertained.

The film is primarily aimed at the female market, most likely towards the teenage segment and as such it seems to be a good fit. All the ladies present seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it, and as far as it would seem, most of the guys got a bit of a humour kick out of it as well.

So like I started, the movie is nothing more than some light-hearted fluff, designed to bring a smile to your face and be accessible to both men and women alike, in short, making it the perfect date movie for you and your woman!

(Oh, and just for the record, both Hathaway and Hudson are pretty good in their respective roles, putting in a pretty decent comedic performance between the two of them. Won’t win them any awards though mind you…)

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