Sexy Office WorkerAnyone looking for a job as a web developer by the way? Got two positions that I’m quite interested in having filled (and I’m not even offering either one of them! :D)

First up is my old position at Commerce I.T. at the University of Cape Town, one that has now been standing vacant since I left on the 1st of December last year. I tendered my resignation on the 1st of October 2008 and can you believe it, the first advert for the post only went out this past Sunday (it was in a couple of the big newspapers if you care to look it up)!

Now unfortunately I agreed to the arrangement whereby I would sign a temporary contract and pick up the slack after hours until my replacement could be hired, an idea which I have now come to regret thanks to the fact that I’ve discovered that I really am a person that appreciates their bit of leisure time and simply cannot work two jobs at once.

So, a bit more about the job itself. It is a fairly well-paying position (they’ve even bumped it up a pay scale since I left) that requires you to look after all the online services and websites that fall within the Faculty of Commerce domain. Attached to this is also the requirement to develop and look after any custom software that the department might require, as well as help out on the technical assistance side when required.

On the skills front you need to be able to program in classic ASP, PHP, Visual Basic .NET and C#. Database work is limited to MSAccess which essentially means not too much brainpower required, but you will need to be fairly good in both Photoshop and Flash as you need to handle all graphic design requirements as well. Maintaining the web is done through Microsoft FrontPage, though you will need some experience on the Windows Server 2003 platform as that is what the department utilises. Note that Commerce I.T. is pretty much Microsoft-driven so be prepared to work almost exclusively off that platform.

If you are interested, see if you can track down this weekend’s adverts for the full details of the job, but otherwise I’m pretty sure that dropping a mail to either or (the, quite literally, big boss) should get you a response.

Second on the plate of jobs on offer is a junior web development position here at Touchwork (the company I am currently employed at). Essentially we are looking for a candidate with strong PHP and MySQL skills as well as someone with a strong Javascript, more specifically jQuery ability. I know that we do currently have an advert out on Gumtree at the moment, so do a quick search for ‘Touchwork’ on the site and then mail off your CV and covering letter to, care of Rory Florence (the not quite as big boss of Touchwork).

Looking forward to hearing from you guys then!

(Please, please, please apply and get accepted. It will make my life SO much better. Do it for the kittens who I can no longer play with after hours, I implore of you!!)