The Colour of Hair: An Appealing Game General Nonsense 04 MAR 2009

Sexy Black HairFor those of you who haven’t seen Chantelle in a while, you may not know that she is currently sporting the most beautiful locks of ‘almost’ black hair which I must just say it looks absolutely bloody FANtastic on her!

Of course, this started a thought process with regards to what colour hair does in fact appeal to me and as such I’ve come up with the following list of colours and associated, kind of implied I feel, attributes… which may or may not be appealing to me. (It’s fun to keep one guessing you know!)

So here goes:

  • Brown: kind of average, a little boring to be honest. (Must be why this is my natural hair colour then)
  • Blonde: a tease, always fun.
  • Black: mysterious, alluring and a hint of playfulness
  • Red (Ginger): ugh. (The less said the better)

And that’s that. Draw your own conclusions if you must… ;)

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