Ha ha, not often that this happens, but this morning I made all the effort to get up early for gym (as per usual), got dressed, got to gym, stepped on the treadmill for 30 seconds, did two lat pull-downs and then promptly stepped back into the change rooms, showered and went to work.

I wonder if I can blame it on this Cape Town heatwave or perhaps the great big shroud of smoke hanging around Somerset West and Tokai? Or perhaps on the flickering electricity supply that put all our electronics through absolute hell last night, forcing Chantelle to jump on me at midnight in order to do something about all the flickering lights that were keeping her awake?

Sigh. What I do know however is that I’m tired. Very tired. Perhaps tonight I shouldn’t read through a third of a novel (Terry Pratchett’s Making Money was awesome – as always!) or watch Marvel’s Next Avengers (which was pretty fun too) like I have been doing the last two nights in a row (in amongst doing Commerce I.T. work of course!)? Hmm, going to bed early for a change, now there would be something new… Oh wait, I’ve already booked tonight’s tickets to Pink Panther 2 – Chantelle is so going to hate me for this! :P

Guess maybe I’ll just have to sleep in tomorrow instead of faking gym again then! :D

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