Pink MP3 PlayerAt long last my little pink MP3 player that I had earlier won in a competition has arrived in sunny old Gordon’s Bay, much to Chantelle’s delight because it’s pink, it’s small, it’s cute and more importantly, it’s hers! :) [Thanks Justin for getting it here!

But what amazes me most is just how awesome the Chinese are in constantly reinforcing their manufacturing belief and creed in that it is far, far cheaper simply to reverse engineer an existing product, copy it right down to the last little detail, cheapen it up and then release it in packaging so similar to the original that unless you know what you are doing, you’d never spot the difference!

Bloody brilliant and far cheaper for them too I would imagine!

And this little pink ‘MP3’ ‘fella is certainly no different. Modelled almost exclusively on Apple’s mini iPod Shuffle player, the ‘MP3’ has copied the original pretty much all the way down, right through to the packaging it comes in. Ingenious I tell you. The only thing that is a little out of place is the earphones as the manufacturers obviously opted to using either an earlier model’s copy or simply decided that their generics are a far cheaper solution to the problem at hand. (I seriously doubt it was a sting of ethics that forced this decision mind you.)

But all’s good because it should work (I’ll load some music up this weekend if I get a chance) and it now gives Chantelle the option of listening to some decent music at gym instead of listening to announcements for people who have left their lights on. What more could one ask for?

Well perhaps it would be nice if the Chinese could at least learn how to put on some of the decals the right way around and at least a little bit straighter. Never heard of rulers anyone? :P

UPDATE: And naturally when I finally did plug this little pink fellow into the PC, up popped AVG warning me of the viruses contained inside. Bugger.