Karate DogiWow, it must be getting closer and closer to seasonal change around these here parts – was pretty dark when I stepped out around 06:00 this morning, signaling that the Autumn changeover has now well and truly begun.

I am happy to report that after just more than a week of sitting out on the sidelines thanks to a nasty little bout of ‘flu (or chest cold, whatever), I have finally returned to my usual schedule of kicking the morning off with a good gym session and will then tonight head back out to the dojo for an invigorating karate session (after missing quite a few in a row I’ll admit!).

It is always quite scary what progress one loses even after such a short time off from one’s usual exercise routine, and I must say that gym this morning was a little tougher than what I expected – which scares me just that little for tonight’s class which will almost assuredly be a killer! :)

Oh well, I am however looking forward to stepping out in my new dogi for the first time at the new franchise – it’s all white and nice and starchy! One problem though, the belt is a little on the small side, so the good old ‘wrap around and knot’ doesn’t exactly work on it, which is quite the problem I tell you.

Now I can either have flappy end bits that are way too short, or way too long. Not cool.

Not cool.

And even more not cool was the fact that when I bemoaned this new Mr. Price bought belt, that came with the dogi mind you, for being to short, I checked it against my old existing belt that I had lying around and realised with horror that it isn’t the belt that’s too short… it’s just my stomach that is too big! *Sigh*, guess no doughnuts for me then! ;)