Okay, I admit it. Despite the fact that I didn’t do a stitch of work the whole weekend long, I did pretty much spend the whole of Sunday behind the PC monitor. So geeky, I know! (But it was a good weekend, promise!) :)

Friday evening saw Chantelle and I catch a late night show of the rather bland romantic comedy, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” (after a slight homemade burger accident which we’ll just leave at being C’s first failure behind the stove where cooking for me is concerned!) while Saturday morning saw us sleep in until the ungodly hour of 09:00 (:P) before lazing the rest of Saturday morning away at home.

Afternoon saw a relaxed lunch at Mugg & Bean, as well as a spot of wedding gift shopping for Jasper and Chane’s wedding next weekend. That was followed by our weekend Bellville excursion, where Chantelle and I parted ways, she off to see the big ‘Skouspel’ concert held at the Grandwest Casino and me hooking up with Ryan for some awesome FIFA 09 on Dad’s big screen and then followed up with a lekker meal with Mr. Brown at Starlight Diner (where we incidentally even managed to bump into Dean and Zania of all people!)

But Sunday? Sunday was reserved for me and my keyboard as Chantelle was back at work and I had the luxury of having absolutely NOTHING I had to do for a change. Which is why I finally got stuck into the task of taking advantage of my quite varied mountain of content that I produce on quite an alarming scale for this here blog! :)

The idea is pretty simple. Take my categorized blog content, find the biggest heaps, and then farm them out to their own individual sites in order to take advantage of a tighter search engine hit range, because quite frankly at the moment, blog.codeunit.co.za’s stats really aren’t looking all that great.

But to get to this point requires a little work so I needed to first whip up a cron job that will convert my existing file-based blog entries into database records, and then massage these back into usable content for the newly created sites. And seeing as it was Sunday, I decided to whip up Cosplay Sundae first!

So out came Photoshop and my trusty PSPad and I got down to work, knocking out some pretty nifty features and touches to what I think turned out quite a nice little site. And now that the first template is done, the rest of the lot will literally take an hour or so to bang out as soon as I get the chance to tackle this project again.

Awesome I know :)

Cosplay Sundae

(Oh, and one of the little touches I like the most has got to be the generated ‘date post-it note’ which is a simple image text overlay but as far as I’m concerned, is just plain cool. Like I said, geeky, I know! :P)

Related link: http://cosplay.codeunit.co.za