Wheel SpinnerSpinners. No, not the porn term but the one for cars. You know, that ridiculous shiny ‘outer hub’ that spins independently of the actual wheel on which it is placed.

Well, I saw one the other day coming into Muizenburg, just off Boyes Drive actually, and I admit, because you don’t see them so often on the road (or at least I don’t), this madly, forever spinning little disk curiously piqued my interest, mainly because, well… I just can’t believe there exists such a CHOP that actually thinks it looks cool!

I mean honestly. This must be the dumbest thing ever invented. Maybe it is the shininess, or perhaps the rebel factor of a disk who refuses to play along with the wheel, but I just don’t get it. How does it make a car become cool? Particularly when the said car it is located on is a pimped out Toyota Tazz with a crappy custom paint job and some big letters on the front windshield screaming out, “Ride or Die”.

C’mon, it’s still a Tazz for crying out aloud? Maybe the lettering should read “Here be Doofus”? I don’t know, just a suggestion. In any event, can anyone explain the mystery of the spinner to me then?

(Bearing in mind that I think under-car coloured lighting is really cool of course…)

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