It’s quite something to behold you know.

Now Chantelle and I simply never argue. In all the time that we’ve been together, we have yet to have a major fight – something pretty surprising when you realise just how pig-headed both she and I can be at times! I guess it’s just a good thing that we both understand the meaning of compromise and trying to keep one another happy!

But put us in a car together and send us off to a destination that neither one of us knows where it is? Well, then just watch and wait, because without any question, the minute we start getting close to our intended target and all is not as it is meant to be according to the map, well simply put, the claws come out and fur begins to fly!

Doesn’t matter who is driving, first to go off will be the radio, usually with quite a hard prod (accompanied with a fair bit of cursing from me), which is exactly when the insults begin to roll. Things like ‘You can’t drive’, ‘Well you can’t navigate’, ‘Learn to read a map’, all the way through to ‘you drive like a poephol’ and probably much worse! ;)

We’ll sit and curse one another, Chantelle will be all sullen and angry, I’ll be creasing my brow with ever increasing intensity and by the time we finally stop, we’ll be rolling around at laughter at how without fail, we always fight when driving alone.

It’s awesomely funny I tell you! :)

cat versus dog

(Oh, and it was quite funny when Chantelle tried to tell this story to our friends the other day, starting off with ‘we never fight’, at which point I quipped in and she pointedly punched me in the shoulder for interrupting her story.

The timing of which could only be described as beautiful! :D)