Truck Stuck Under BridgeMan, felt like an action hero last night on the way back from work, what with that lightning fast dodging and ducking, swerving to the left, all because, well…

…some truck driver couldn’t tell that his truck was too tall for the clearly demarcated, low-hanging concrete railway bridge.

Needless to say it was quite a loud, sick tearing noise as the oncoming truck plowed in under the bridge just as you come up to the main part of Muizenberg, scraping loose big chunks of concrete and other debris which myself and another car in front of me needed to wildly swing out for in order to miss the falling chaos.

And while we both escaped any harm to our cars, the truck driver certainly wasn’t so lucky. First off, he was stuck. Second off, the car which was behind him just happened to be a police van.

Not cool.

(And I can just imagine the traffic jam that little doh! moment must have caused for the rest of the oncoming traffic!)