TelkomNo surprises here, but I have ANOTHER major deadline for money, this time our Mystery Shopper reporting portal for the Manchester Airport Group, meaning that as per usual I’m working my arse off. But what is different for a change is that for both yesterday and today I’m actually working out from my home office once more!

Essentially I needed the extra four hours saved on commuting and Rory generously agreed to give them to me, meaning that I am productively typing away at the keyboard in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by loving kitty cats wherever I look. :) The good news is that I’ve already finished one of my projects ahead of schedule, the bad news is that I’ve still got a HELL of a lot of work ahead of me (goodbye weekend, you shall be sorely missed).

The other bad news is that our Telkom home line appears to have mysteriously stopped working. The ADSL component is working just fine, but the actual voice line is completely dead. And we’ve tested the phone on another line, so we know that it most definitely is not the culprit in this case. At least I’m finally one step closer in getting rid of my worthless (well at least here in our flat) Vodacom USB modem contract, now that I’ve given them my month’s notice that I will not be renewing the contract when it finally runs out at the end of April.

Other than that, the other good news is that it has now been confirmed, meaning that both Chantelle and I got a raise this year, so Yay for us. Panarottis on Tuesday to celebrate, and damn were those two large duo combinations delicious! :)