Admittedly, I have never really needed to delve much into the world of free open source software (FOSS) simply because my sheltered existence at the University granted me access to all the paid for software products I could ever need.

However, since stepping away from that world I now need to procure products for home usage myself, and this means a step away from those often exorbitantly priced, off the shelf products and instead, a search for alternative, better priced (read free) options instead.

Which is why stumbling across this great little site is such a neat find. Essentially it acts like a repository list of categorised, open source products which allows users to submit their short reviews of the package as well as offering a small overview write-up, screen captures, “similar to” listing and download link for the FOSS application in question.

Really useful if you’re looking to locate some awesome free software packages!


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