Coffee CupOh noes!!!! Just heard the sad news that soon our beloved PA to Rory, coffee-maker in the morning, quality assurance and product tester, young Kelsey Visser will be leaving the hallowed halls (well Rory’s house in any case) of Touchwork for the more time-consuming commitment that full-time study in Web-based Graphic Design and Animation demands.

What a sad bit of news this is I tell you. No more coffee first thing in the morning, no more playful banter and teasing to witness between Rory and Kelsey, no funny moments to chuckle at and last but not least, no more female workers in the office! Surely the now unchecked testosterone levels will doom us all! :(

And unfortunately because C won’t drive through all the way to make me coffee here in the office, I guess we’ll just have to put out a new call for a female PA/Coffee-maker/QA/Tester to join us in our new office that we should be moving into tomorrow out in Westlake Business park.

So, anyone interested?

Update: Whew, heard now that it is only effective from the end of April, so at least one more month of coffee and teasing to look forward to! :P