20080904_SpurWell now, very little to say about last week considering that probably the only highlight of last week was the spot of badminton on Thursday night when I travelled through to Bellville to pick up my DVD delivery from Ryan. The rest of the seven days were pretty much all work – for both of us. But this week, this week is different baby! :)

Now apart from the usual Karate practice for me on Monday and Wednesday, last night we kicked off our social proceedings by enjoying a tasty ribs meal at Silver Spur in Bellville with Monty, Cheryl and Robert and then on Thursday we’ll follow it up by attending the Heavyweight Comedy Jam at Grandwest Casino with Riley and Claire.

Friday night it looks like we might pop through to the Barnyard to catch the Latin-inspired spectacle currently being performed there (though this isn’t quite confirmed yet) and then Saturday it is the masked ball at Skilpad Vlei with Dean and Zania to look forward to. (Chantelle purchased the masks yesterday, so we’re all set).

And Sunday? Well Sunday we’re having a big mixed family bring and braai thing at the Montgomery Clan stronghold, so that should be pretty fabulous too!

See, back on track with all our social comings and goings! :P