CodeUnit CollectionsSo here’s the scenario. It’s birthday time for Craig or Chantelle and you want to buy them a nice gift. But here’s the catch: you don’t know what DVDs, CDs or Games they already possess in their collection, nor do you even know what their tastes are for that matter!

What to do, what to do?

Well because I hate to see you suffer, I’ve quickly whipped up the solution and am now about to share it with all of you because I care so much (about what gifts I receive in general).

Step 1, open the Internet browser on your mobile phone. Step 2, bookmark the URL, Step 3, navigate to this awesome little URL. Step 4, select the collection you wish to view (Note that currently only our DVD collection is online). Step 5, browse the collection contents or search over the entire collection by looking up a keyword that gets matched against title, category, subcategory and even tags!

So there you go. Now you have no reason not to help me add to my newly formed desire of owning a Jackie Chan movie collection! :)

{P.S. Currently a search on ‘Jackie’ only returns ‘Shanghai Knights’, but I am still waiting for my order of ‘Gorgeous’ to be delivered. So for the rest, I’m counting on you guys! :P)

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