The Batman Series 1Talking about collections, all of a sudden it would seem that my DVD-owning desire has kicked into high gear because I simply blinked and the damn DVD collection almost quadrupled in size! It all started off a week or two ago when my order containing The Batman: Series 1 and Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes arrived here in Gordon’s Bay, and before I could even utter the words ‘this is too cool’, I got home to find that Chantelle had purchased Hairspray for herself and the utterly awesome extended edition of Gladiator for me!

And now I see a Heath Ledger threesome of A Knight’s Tale, The Four Feathers and The Brothers Grimm are also sitting snugly in our mini-DVD rack, not to mention the Men in Black: Series 1, Spider-man 2 extended edition and Gorgeous discs currently winging their way towards us.

Wow, looks like we’d better start investing in a popcorn-maker after all, because it would most certainly seem that a warm, snuggly Winter has now definitely been secured!! :)