Nice. Had a thoroughly relaxed weekend for a change, devoid of all work and stress in its entirety. Had a productive day at work on Friday, fixing bugs left, right and centre, got home to an empty house (Chantelle was visiting with friends) and set about entertaining myself with The Batman and Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes, pausing only for some quality time behind my computer monitor in order to whip up my CodeUnit Collections mobile website (to help me with those ‘cool stuff shopping moments’ that happen all so frequently nowadays!).

Saturday was decreed do nothing day and other than pop out to the mall for some shopping, Chantelle and I really did absolutely nothing but eat pancakes for breakfast and lounge around like lizards. The evening however was a completely different story because we found ourselves dressed to the ‘T’ and in the car heading out to the Skilpadvlei wine estate where we met up with Dean and Zania (who had arrived in their newly christened ‘Zodo’) for a masked ball that we had purchased tickets for ages ago already!

In the end the ‘event’ was a lot smaller than what we had originally thought, but it was a lot of fun and the food was particularly good. As per usual it didn’t take long for Chantelle and I to find the dance floor once the beats kicked in, but unfortunately the unnaturally warm venue soon put an end to that, leaving all those brave enough to dare the dance floor absolutely soaked in sweat. Thankfully though it was a beautiful evening outside, so after a couple of minutes cooling down in the refreshing night air, one could quickly pop in and tackle another song before rinse and repeating the process all over again!

Oh, and I even managed to win a prize for the night, actually the first prize drawn for the evening at that! Too bad I got up, collected my prize, sat down, and promptly lost it again – now sitting in the grateful hands of C who can make far better use of a facial at a health spa than what I ever could! ;)

Chantelle Craig Dean Zania Masked Ball

Our plans of checking out a church on Sunday morning were however scuppered when we both failed to wake up and deciding that the two of us obviously needed as much rest time as we can grab, stayed in bed for a good chunk of the morning. However, all good things must come to an end and so after some more pancakes for breakfast (thankfully this batch worked with me and I didn’t have to scream at them like the Saturday morning’s lot), we were dressed and packed, on our way to Bellville to meet up with the combined Lotter and Montgomery clans for a braai at Monty’s stronghold.

(We did however make a pitstop on the heads up from Ryan regarding a Games sale at Game, but no luck on that front. So in two weeks’ time when we do finally organise our big braai get together at our house, you’ll be stuck with the same Singstar titles that were there last time! :P)

The braai itself was a great success, with some absolutely delicious food and dessert churned out and by the sounds of it, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. However, Idols was fast approaching and with C absolutely determined to watch it this week, we bid our farewell and jetted off back home (where I see we are now the lucky owners of an electric fence encircling the complex perimeter! Just when the heck that happened, don’t ask me!).

Chantelle caught her Idols, I finished populating my CodeUnit Collections site, we cleaned up the house a bit, ate a quick supper, watched an episode of The Batman and then ended the night by snuggling together on the couch being entertained by that fabulous trio of Clarkson, May and Hammond in another hilarious episode of Top Gear.

What an awesome way to round off such a relaxing weekend I tell you! :)