Nut bunnies. Last night as I squatted down to stretch my legs during the warm-up session for class, a loud tearing screech broke free from behind my buttocks and embarrassed, all I could muster was “Now THAT didn’t sound so good…”

Yes indeedy, my brand new dogi pants now sports a nice sized hole where my posterior rests. Very classy I assure you. Here’s to hoping that Mom is still on friendly terms with Mr. Sewing Machine and Mrs. Overlocker! :(

(At least the prime bit of physical comedy wasn’t wasted as there were plenty of people around! Doh!)

Oh, and maybe next time I’ll wear a plain coloured underpants instead of my camouflage-blue ones. Again with the classiness I tell you! :P

(And just to prove that I indeed put Nostradamus to shame…)

Reality Bytes 0009 Let Her Rip! H180
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