Two Man TentOh man, looking forward to the upcoming long Easter weekend I tell you!

And why is that you might ask?

Well let me tell you then. Because we’re going camping. Yup, tent, sleeping bag, the lot. Looking forward to it because I can’t remember when last my little two man tent saw the light of day (actually, wonder if it’s still in working nick now that I think about it!).

Unfortunately C can’t make it because she’s working (again), but thankfully I’ll be in good company with Dean, Zania, Ryan and Terrance all tagging along – though the last two are going to have to become good room mates pretty quickly – after all, they’re going to have to share the back of Dean’s truck for accommodation purposes! :)

As far as I know the camp site is at a place called ‘Die Dam’, somewhere out along the East Coast down Franskraal way, and because I know absolutely nothing about the location or state of the camping grounds at all, I’m looking forward to it just that little bit extra. Who knows, I might even be able to catch an errant Easter bunny or two (well, who knows where those slippery buggers live, eh?)

We’re booked in from Thursday night all the way through to Monday morning, but looking at my options I’ve decided that I’ll rather drive through and meet up with the guys on Friday morning than head out from Gordon’s Bay on Thursday evening and then try and pitch my tent in the dark. No thank you, I like to see what I’m doing, never mind where I’m going!

Still, should be an absolute blast. I know the guys are packing in sports equipment left, right and centre, so I guess I’d better pull my weight by supplying a packet of cards or two. Or Uno. Everyone seemed to love that last time around…

And this time I promise to remember to apply the sunblock – definitely don’t want to fry like the last time!