AchillesJust in case you were wondering, little Achilles is doing just fine after having his balls cruelly lopped off last week Thursday. The little fellow spent quite a long day at the vet and when Chantelle eventually got around to saving him, he had pretty much already shaken off all the effects of the anaesthetic and was running and jumping around as best he could.

Thankfully enough, the sudden transformation to eunuch hasn’t seemed to dent the little bugger’s playfulness or level of energy, so we’re mightily relieved about that, because simply put, that’s exactly what makes our purr-bag Achilles, Achilles.

(Oh, and Coco still pretty much refuses to live with us, other than coming around supper time for some food and then buggering off again. Olympus on the other hand seems to have finally found his purr, which is actually an awesomely good thing!)