Virgin Active LogoWell, at least I finally got my head out of my ass and ventured across the road to take a peek at the (fairly) recently opened Steenberg Virgin Active Club here in Westlake Tokai (where I work), and boy was I blown away! What a modern, stylish and oh sophisticated workout establishment! Seriously, I couldn’t believe it. Virgin is definitely hitting their stride with their new establishments (that they seem to be launching on an almost weekly basis), and with the current high tech generation of the red-trimmed Technogym equipment that’s quietly making its way on their floorspace, how can one not fall in love with their facilities?

This branch features things like wooden floors, stylish tiling and glasswork, lots and lots of mirrors, a dedicated yoga studio, separate ‘kinesis’ and ‘powerplate’ areas, a full set of bikes, treadmills and weights equipment, a general studio area, an unbelievable modern changeroom, swimming pool, hell, they even have a Taekwon-Do class of all things!

Anyway, I’ve given it some thought for the last while and decided that it made sense to upgrade to a Premier account for the nominal fee of R95 per month (remember, I don’t pay a monthly fee thanks to signing up under the Discovery Vitality deal), simply because the chances of me training right after work on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon is far more plausible if I can step out of the office and straight into the gym, instead of only getting to my home base at Somerset West after an hour on the road and then hoping that I am still in the mood for a bit of a training session. Plus, by arriving at the Somerset West branch just after 18:00, I’ve already missed the only Katabox class that branch has on offer, the only group training class that I’m actually keen on partaking in at gym in the first place!

Then there are my morning gym sessions. Currently I get up at about 05:45, leave for gym just after 06:07, eventually arrive in the gym and get all set up by about 06:30, leaving me with about 25 minutes’ worth of training time because I still need to shower, dress and then drive through to Tokai.

Now with my new reasoning, if I simply drive straight through to Tokai first and then gym, I’ll get a longer training session in because I can time the time that I need to pack up and go shower much better, simply because I don’t have to take a flying guess on traffic and time on the road into account.

So of course at this point, you might be asking well why don’t I just simply change my home gym to the Steenberg branch and save myself R95 a month? Well the short answer is that having access close to home remains equally important in case I wish to train over a weekend or am working from home on any particular day, something that does happen every now and then. Obviously, this brings the idea of switching home gym out of the question and besides, being able to access any Virgin Active I want to is pretty cool, for instance it now means that I can squeeze in a bout of squash with Ryan and Pops when I’m in Bellville on the odd occasion!

So with all this said and done, I did actually phone up the Virgin Active call centre on 0860 200 911 yesterday, cautiously departed with my banking details to the helpful lady on the line and this morning I took in my first sweat session at Steenberg.

It was awesome.