Ryan and CraigWow, had such an awesome weekend these past couple of days – purely based on the fact that I didn’t have to drive any further than the mall all weekend long, plus the fact that Chantelle was actually off with me as well for a change! :)

Friday night was just so chilled it was actually scary. Got home, walked with Chantelle over to Pick ‘n Pay, made delicious ostrich burgers for supper and watched the brilliant Heath Ledger classic romp, “A Knight’s Tale” (which we both enjoyed – apart from the parts where I kept having to prod her awake of course) and that was… well that. Did zip, nada, nothing else, apart from indulge in some delicious ice-cream as dessert. See, told you it was uber relaxed!

Saturday and I started it off by doing the manly thing and heading out to Builder’s Warehouse where I picked up a fine bracket-less shelf for the office, a prick punch just because, and some charcoal for the big braai that was to happen a little later in the afternoon. From there I scurried over to the mall, deposited my ALP payment cheque (at last it has arrived!) and then browsed for bar fridges, cabinets and the like. Then it was a scurry home to the Pick ‘n Pay across the complex to meet up with C for a delicious breakfast at Wimpy and then pick up the remaining booze and chips for the braai, before it was back in the flat and cleaning like crazy in the hopes that no one would show up early and catch us unawares.

Nobody did.

In fact, no one actually arrived on time for that matter, the first time that this has happened in living memory if I’m correct! :)

No worries though, it did mean that we were all set up and ready to go by the time everyone started pulling in, with Robert leading the pack and then followed by Wayne and Candice in quick succession. Ryan, Miguel and Retha also eventually showed their faces (thanks for the monitor stand ‘bro!) and after quite a wait thanks to a job in Cape Town running rather over time, Dean and Zania pitched up as well.

By that time I had already produced some pretty awesome braai material and for a change, I managed to avoid burning anything beyond recognition or even dropping something into the coals for that matter, and if it wasn’t for Rob hastily tipping a flying chop out of the grid, the whole cooking job would have run without a single hitch! We also had quite the friendly addition to the party (though Ryan did keep a safe distance it must be noted), in the form of a beautiful and well trained Labrador (?) that must have escaped its abode and decided to join in on the party.

While I slaved outside, Chantelle had of course whipped out the SingStar and naturally this proved a major hit for the evening, providing the bulk of the entertainment and proving to be the direct cause of us not cracking open the Balderdash, something that had been originally on the cards right from the get go. UNO did however make an appearance and while Dean, Zania, Ryan, Candice and Wayne battled it out, Chantelle and I got to grips with the awesome photos that Miguel and Retha had taken on their recent road trip to Namibia. Awesome stuff I tell you.

The night itself was an absolute blast and it was awesome to catch up with everyone again, though next time we’ll cross fingers that the rest of the invited crowd can make it too – need more bodies for SingStar pass the mic battles I tell you! :)

Out of everyone there, only Rob opted to sleepover, though we did abandon him on Sunday morning as C and I decided to go check out the local EBED church to see what they can offer us. Now we hadn’t been to church in absolute months, so this was a welcome return, and while the mainly Afrikaans congregation itself was pretty nice, we once again managed to pick a ‘special’ service meaning that we again don’t have enough to go on in making the big decision as to where to set up our spiritual home here in Gordon’s Bay. Guess we keep on looking then…

After church it was a quick side-trip to the mall, where I had Chantelle confirm my chest of drawers and DVD/CD rack pick that I had made on Saturday already, and with the go ahead given, I whipped out the trusty old credit card and purchased the most beautiful chest of drawers and head-height DVD/CD rack, all flat-pack of course! :)

With Rob’s bakkie’s assistance, we were once more at home where I whipped up a delicious batch of pancakes for breakfast/lunch and then got stuck into the task of assembling my newly purchased household additions (with the help of Chantelle), a task which in the end, took up pretty much the entire day to complete!! (30 minutes indeed! Those plans lie I tell you, they lie!)

Rob had long gone by the time we did finally finish, and to end off a day of hard labour, C jetted off to purchase us some Debonairs for supper while I set about bringing the study back to some sense of normality. And that’s pretty much it. Some more lazing around and poking Chantelle awake every time she closed her eyes, and it was finally off to bed for some VERY sound sleep after quite the relaxed and extremely enjoyable weekend at home.

See, didn’t I tell you it was an awesome one? :)

(Oh and thanks a heap for the Easter eggs Claire!)