SATA Hard DriveCrap. Woke up this morning to find my main home machine happily blinking at me in a completely comatose state, one of those happy, drooly states if you know what I mean. Looks like the hard drive must have fallen over during the course of last night, leaving the machine in a state where booting up is nigh impossible.


The other problem as it turns out is that this is the only SATA drive machine I have available here to me, meaning I can’t just whip out the drive and plug it into a removable casing or another machine to see if it is still possible to retrieve the data from the drive (yes I know – should have had a better backup and recovery system in place. You know what they say, you always have to learn from your mistakes…).

So I guess that means that after casting my vote this morning I’ll need to do a spot of shopping. Sigh, more money for nothing in other words then…