Vote 2009So I’m assuming that if you’re not in the queue at the moment then you’re still in bed, waiting to go, or like me, waiting for your partner to finish breakfast duty so that the two of you can go and cast your vote – as every law-abiding and tax paying citizen should be doing.

My dilemma before heading out to the polls this morning is most probably one that sits with quite a lot of people – just who am I going to vote for? South African sits in a really unfortunate situation where there simply aren’t leaders (are parties for that matter), men and women that you want to place your trust into and want them to lead you and your country forward. Instead, we are saddled with people that we don’t want in power, and as such most likely need to utilise our vote to stop those people from gaining power.

Simply put, this isn’t a good place to be. You are using your voice to choose a leader to take you forward for the next five years and instead of choosing someone you want, you choosing the devil you know best. Not cool, definitely not cool.

Now I’ve placed my mark against quite a few different parties, always basing my decision on what I feel that particular candidate or party can bring to the table, and this time around I have to openly admit to liking for the first time what the DA-led coalition has done here in Cape Town, meaning that in all likelihood I’ll pick these guys to continue doing the good job that they are doing. At the same time, these last couple of months have also made me particularly negative towards the ruling ANC for the first time in my life, thanks to some absolutely ridiculous blunders in administration, severe inefficiency of personnel and then a seeming insistence to drive possible voters away by accepting and promoting criminals and essentially unjust people into their upper ranks. Honestly, apart from old Trevor Manuel there isn’t a single ANC man I look up to any more, and thanks to all his flip-flopping and the clouds having over his head (never mind the damn machine gun song), Jacob Zuma is a man that I desperately don’t want to see presiding over us for the next five years.

So to stop Zuma I have to vote DA right? Well that’s what I thought and my decision was nice and firm until wham, they completely rocked the boat and brought out their ‘Stop Zuma’ campaign! What the hell? This harks of old politics, trying to run scare tactics to garner more votes. You look desperate DA, and worst than that, you’re doing more harm than good! And then there is the SMS you sent out to Chantelle last night, urging her to vote DA in order to ensure that the ANC doesn’t get its 2/3 majority and in so doing stop Zuma from gaining absolute power. You have absolutely no idea how annoyed we were at receiving this and how we may very well not vote your way simply based on this one, last minute SMS.

But that said, I do know that I don’t want Zuma in power and that means I need to vote against him, even if it isn’t for someone I particularly like. COPE are simply to disorganised and embattled with its own infighting to be of any use and quite frankly, no other party tickles my interest with their manifesto or size and thus ability. So DA, I’ll stick with your for now, but rest assured, I do NOT like your scaremonger tactics. Grow up.

And for God’s sake, please by the next election let there be a strong leadership candidate. We more than ever need a man like USA’s Barack Obama (as much as I hate to use that country as an example), to lead us to a future that this beautiful country so deserves. Crime and poverty are rampant and these two heavily linked issues need to be dealt with firmly and as comprehensively as possible if we’re to get anywhere, that’s for sure!

Anyway, I’ve said my bit. I’m off to vote soon and I’ll cast my ballot like every South African should be doing. I just wish it was for someone that I wanted to vote for…