Wow, difficult to say things like ‘back to the grindstone’ when you know the upcoming week contains two public holidays and ends off with a long weekend at Pinnacle Point golf resort in Mossel Bay.

Still, I am back at the office today, so I guess technically I am, ‘back to the grindstone’. Had a more good than bad little mid week break though, so all’s good in the life of Craig.

Successfully got my yellow belt during Tuesday night’s karate grading, neatly put up my new shelf in the office and then woke up to a blinking PC on Wednesday morning which cost me just over R1000 to sort out because I needed to buy a new SATA hard drive (and an external hard drive enclosure and clover power adaptor just because! :D).

Went to vote with Chantelle (took us just over 30 minutes to get it over and done with) and then popped into the new Wimpy across the road from us to take advantage of the free coffee offer that C seemed insistent to redeem! (Naturally we enjoyed quite a lekker lunch there as well).

And then when C finally finished up for the day, it was off to catch the early showing of Slumdog Millionaire (which only hit Ster Kinekor Somerset Mall now!), followed by a supper of pasta and pizza at Panarottis because I just couldn’t say no to those big puppy dog eyes! :D

Oh, and I managed to crank out another blog site, namely Anime Watch at (Sorry Ryan, these subdomains seem to be getting picked off faster than you can protest! :P)

anime codeunit co za

Anyway, let me stop typing rubbish and get back to work. Got to earn my living every now and then you know! ;)