Doctor Mid NiteHmm, okay okay I’ll admit to it – I really didn’t get up to all that much this past long weekend. Instead, I chilled and relaxed, watched TV and movies and just stayed in my happy place (well except for all that time when I was battling it out with my desktop PC because Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope just doesn’t want to play along!). So apart from clocking Justice League Heroes, what else did I then do?

Well I did have a pretty awesome, geektastic Saturday, I can certainly tell you that. It all kicked off with an early morning trip through to Bellville where I hooked up with Ryan, dropped off my torn Karate pants for Mom to work her magic with, and then hopped over to Terrance’s place to pick up Mr. Brown.

From there Ryan chauffeured us all the way through to Rondebosch, Riverside Mall to be precise, where we jumped out in pack formation in order to take down our first target. Thanks to previous intel we knew exactly where and how to strike, which explains perfectly why Ryan staggered out of the book store carrying R400 worth of comic books and I daintily traipsed out carrying a shiny copy of the Doctor Mid-Nite graphic novel as well as an issue of Dark Horse’s Blade of the Immortal.

Mr. Brown on the other hand just stared about and twiddled his thumbs in boredom.

Next on the geektastic tour was a trip through to Stadium on Main in Claremont, where after a brief moment of roleplaying ‘Lost’, we located the under-roof parking and hopped out to take in all the comic book and game stores in the little mall, with me picking up a copy of DearS and FLCL volume 1 as well as two ancient copies of Ms. Tree Quarterlies just for the hell of it.

Mr. Brown’s quest to purchase something was then quelled by a skip across the road to the local Claremont BT Games branch, where he picked up a copy of Bully for the XBOX so that he can at last finish the game in its entirety.

Of course by this stage all the dawdling about (especially in the gigantic Musica) was starting to piss Ryan off, so eventually we decided to play ball and back to Bellville we flitted, only to stop in at old faithful, Figure Fanatix where we spent a good time browsing through all the figurines and comic books, but in the end walked out empty handed. Next up was Tygervalley and after all the usual store browsing, we decided to end our particularly lengthy trip off with a quick pie from the London Pie Company and then it was back home where we split up and went on our own merry way.

So thanks guys for a fantastically geeky trip, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and thanks especially for all the goodies you bought for me Ryan in terms of my upcoming birthday – C’s going to hate all the reading you’ll be having me do! :)

(Oh, and naturally thanks to Mom to sorting out my karate pants – you’re the best! Especially now that my opponents don’t need to deal with the extra damage-dealing sight of my underpants every time I perform a spinning kick at them! It was devastating I tell you! :P)